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Therapion - This company provides Online Therapy, Counseling and Coaching services. You can search your therapist according to your language. The profiles of your therapists are clearly presented, as well as their areas of knowledge. It provides a wide range of channels for therapy (email, chat, videocam, phone) & allows the client to see the price for each service. Offers free consultation. New Service – online career coaching! The web makes e-therapy easy & accesible to your needs.

Jessica Smith – Paralympian, Motivational Speaker

Jessica believes that anyone can create amazing change and incredible results in any area of their life, if they are prepared to get a little uncomfortable, see old things in a new way, and open their mind and their heart to a different way of thinking and being.

Training/Counsellor Education

The Practice of Cypercounselling. Level 1 is a 12 week online course designed for experienced social workers and counsellors who want to offer professional counselling to their clients via secure email. Information & Registration: Visit or Contact Lawrence Murphy

All Regions Massage School

Australia’s leading practical whole body massage therapy training courses. Vic. NSW. QLD. WA. Where you will discover a complete massage system that gets results.

The Hart Center Mental Health. An open door to psychological change.

Clinical Psychologist - Jennifer Online

Jane Evans- Author ‘Online Counselling & Guidance Skills’

Ask the Internet Therapist

Alternative Online Counseling  Your relationship with others is based on your relationship with yourself. Our services remove what holds you back in your personal and spiritual growth. Get the help you need, right here, right now.

Dr Joseph Abraham – Online Counselling. Solves couples’, family, relationship, depression, adjustment, stress and sexuality difficulties.

Search Jobs – Start your jobs search from thousands of new Jobs vacancies with CV-Library. Register your CV online at Receive jobs by email and apply for jobs today.

Prime Counselling – Online Counselling Service
Face to Face Counselling, Web Counselling, Text based Counselling, Web Cam Counselling, Phone Counselling, Email Counselling

Individual and Relationship Counselling
Learn how to communicate more meaningfully with your partner using specific strategies. Discover how to transform difficult life experiences. Be in control of your depression and anxiety and manage your life challenges more effectively.

Beyond Blue – Guide for better understanding depression & anxiety

Tasmanian Sexual Assault Counselling Service

Positive Life Counselling

Post and Antenatal Depression Association

Anger Management


Yvon Malenfant, M.Div- Counsellor

Inter-faith pastoral counselor

icommunicate - Enhancing Speech, Language and Communication by providing information, services and resources for speech therapy / pathology, and difficulties and disorders relating to communication.

Center for change

DNA Qld – paternity and DNA testing

Positive Connections Counselling Service

Untwist Your Thinking

Stop all addictive behaviors: food, drugs, gambling, alcohol, sex etc. free email help and online services.

Holistic Options – Sharon Corbett

Life Coaching Books

Life Coaching books and coaching resources available online

Evolve Counselling – Specialist Counselling for Kids and Parents

Evolve Counselling provides a specialised family counselling service for children, young people and parents. One on one session available at two convenient locations on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Asbestos Advice

Information and advice about asbestos related illness and compensation.

Sydney Process Counselling offers expert psychological therapy services Sherry Marshall (BSc. Soc/Social Admin; Masters Social Work; Masters Social Ec, Process Orientred Psychology) Specialises in Process Psychology and Cognitive therapy in Relationships, Marriage Counselling, Communication Skills, Transforming Emotions, Grief, Weight Loss and eating Disorders, Dreamwork, Career counselling, Stress Management & Buddhist Meditation. MEDICARE REBATED AVAILABLE

Mary Jane Beach

Family Therapist – Counselling for – Families – Couples – Children – Individuals Email:

Tina B. Tessina, Ph. D.

Mind for Life – Dr Gordon F Gatiss

Existential People Centered Psychotherapist – Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Counselling

Dr John Fitzgerald

ABC Coaching and Counselling Services

Dr Jim Byrne is a Doctor of Counselling with eleven years experience of helping individuals with emotional, behavioural and relationship problems.

Peter Watt – Psychologist

Maureen Grant

Hypnotherapist-Counsellor-Melbourne- Stop Smoking Specialist also Weight Loss, Anxiety/Panic, Habit and Disorders. Personal and Relationship Counselling.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Drug rehab, alcohol rehab, drug and alcohol rehab center, rehab programs

Phil Tyson Ph. D. – Men’s Psychotherapist

Counselling, psycholotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and telephone counselling.

Monique Goliger – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Teenage Counselling Services

Dr Robert Heller

Guardian Angel People -

Career development advice and executive screening

Yvette Quantz - Lifestyle and Sports Nutritionist

Private nutrition services offered either via phone or internet

TalkingMinds – The TalkingMinds Centre

Counselling and Therap

Andrew Israel MSW JD

Gambling Therapy  

Sahil – working against Child Sexual Abuse

Melbourne Hypnosis – Tony Glimour Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria

24 Hour Online Counselling and Telephone Therapy

Shelly Patterson LCSW - Online Counseling for people with disabilities

Frangipani House -

Miranda Montrone - Expertise in Infertility and Assisted Reproduction –

Anxiety and Depression Help Site offers inspiration, help and advice on every way people can make themselves and each other miserable.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Centre 

Online Counselling Service for Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Mood Swings, via Skype, Phone, or Instant Messenger

Monica Sala (MSc) UKCP - Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist

Helping Hand Counselling - Personal and Family Counselling

Diabetes Counselling Online  - For all people living with Diabetes, their family & friends. Private Counselling Online via Email, Group Discussion Forums, Chatrooms, Blog & range of Groups.

Enhanced Healing - Relaxation music, positive affirmations, and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self – esteem.

Living With Meaning – Dr. D. Royce Fitts

Toni Mackenzie Corporate Wellness Programmes - Employee Wellbeing, Stress, Management Seminars, Self Development Workshops & Training Courses with Corportae Wellness Consultant Toni Mackenzie

Innerdepths Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy, Counselling and Life Coaching with fully qualified female Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists Toni Mackenzie and Rosemary Hartley

Keep it Simple Counselling - Andrew Richardson

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy East London

Counsellability Services QLD – Peter Eddie Edwards

Dale Martin Psychologist

Online Therapy – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Online

WholeMinds – Dr Ray Doktor Psy. D

Forward Therapy – Ash Rehn B SocWk MA MAASW

Online Counselling and Therapy over the Internet.

Hitomi Sakamoto, Ph. D.

Skype, Phone & Onsite Counselling, Seminars and Workshops (London, UK.)

Online Counseling Therapy Service

Neuro – Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy – Psychology 

Number of programs including: A Smoking Cessation Program using Advanced Neuro Hypnotherapy & 2 12 Step Weightloss Programs. Available Online & in our Consulting Rooms.

Hypnotix – Ritchie Campbell – Hypnotist

Hypnotherapy and Performance Hypnotics

Inner Dimensions – John McDonald

Hypnotehrapist, Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor

Pete Smith Counselling – Counsellor in Alton Hampshire

Transitions – Private Practice, Counseling, Training and Consulting Firm – Eve Bernshaw

Edinburgh Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Rev. Hannelore Wittmann B.Sci,.D.Div.

Kevan Owen- Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

De Wit Consultancy – Consultation & Counselling in alcohol and or drug abuse -

Mind over Matter – Dr Richard Bush 

Counseling and Hypnotherapy – On Line Counseling

DSC Telephone Counselling – Skype & Telephone Counselling

Rev Sally Jordon Austin M.A, MFT. – Birth of a new creation

Carmen Turner Schott MSW, LISW

Astrological Self Awareness Center, Practical Counseling & Life Coaching

Ann Behringer LCSW Los Angeles Therapist – Individuals, Couples & Families

Melody Brooke MA, LPC, LMFT Marriage & Family Counselor -

Jason Sandler – Hynotherapy, NLP and Counseling

Attila Hypnotist – Considered the # 1. Stage Hypnosis Training Course around the world

Dr Kate Walker Ph. D. - Families & Parenting, Couples & Marriages, Individual & Relationship Counseling & Online Counseling

Filosofie & Teamontwikkeling (Persoonlijke professionele Ontwikkeling & OrthoPedagogiek)

Selling books & Educational material on sociology, Filosofie, Psychotherapie, Management Begeleidingskunde, Management Technieken

Intervention First – Carol Lawyer

Intervention Services, Consultation Services, Individual Counseling, Group Connections including Men’s & Women’s Group & Parent’s Group

Aimee Edworthy -  Early Childhood Consultant & Counsellor – Beta Kidz Consultancy -Effective Parenting Education & Advice Online

Susan Garofolo B.A., C.P.T., C.T.T. Play Therapy for Children

Child Care Center for sale Sydney NSW Australia

Australian Businesses – Helping those who care for children & child care centers in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra.

Botox Spataderen- Holland Plastic Surgery Clinic providing Botox, Spataderen, Spadater, Behandeling, rimpelbehandeling (medisch Centrum Schevningen)

Injectables, ISP, PMS, Botox & Cosmetische behandelingen- A site providing information on cosmetic facial treatment, Botox & anti aging products

Yoga Retreat & Vacation, Detox yoga teacher training – Balancing the Bali experience – Spritual healing Yoga retreat & vacation, health, spas, resorts, meditation, holistic therapies –

Brisbane Counselling Centre - Individuals, Couples, Families, Business, Work & School, Assessments, Programs

Carol O’Meara, Director Diverse People Solutions

Diverse people Solutions provides services for improving performance & workplaces for all. In Session provides counselling services for progressing cultural professional & work/lifetransitions

Dermatology Laser includes all the information on the benefits and the harmful effects of dermatology laser

Helen Fuller – Counselling and Education Service

Registered Clinical Counsellor and experienced Teacher

Calories Burned

Find out how many calories burned walking, running, biking & more. Burn calories with out free workouts.

HGH Releaser – Your guide to the effects, functions and complete information on Human Growth Hormone releaser pill

Online Psychological Counseling - Online Therapy via Skype available for: Individuals, Couples, Family, Parent Child Relationship, Epilepsy Psychological Counseling

Two Homes – positive connections smooth transitions A place for seperated parents to access valuable information, resources and tools that can help provide clarity and insight throughout this difficult process

Rhonda Casale – Energy Healing and Tantra Sessions & Coaching: In person, Phone, Skype & Webcam

Sex Coaching - Down – to – earth and up – to – date resource for sex, relationships and tantra. Free listings for professionals

Bryn Jones N.D. The Snowdragon Clinic Counselling Online for Anxiety, Depression & other conditions

Andrey Shishkin - Child and Family Psychologist

in Russia

Anxiety - Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks Fast!

Petra Luna – Male Abuse Awareness

Counselling & Psychotherapy in London

Relationship counselling, help with anger, stress, anxiety, depression, esteem, confidence etc

Jacinta Rashford – Be Childwise

Mike Langlois, LICSW – Online Therapy


Sue Hearn Counselling – Counsellor & Psychotherapist in Melbourne

Hypnotherapy4Health  - John Owens

If you are in need of hypnotherapy, coaching and healing, John Owens has been serving US and International clients in their mental and emotional well – being for a decade. John uses his proprietary induction, JOImethod – in all of his sessions – phone sessions available as well.

Personal Growth from is the most complete guide to information about Self – Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, to articles & references to thousands of other Websites on the World Wide Web.

The Phoenix Centre - The Phoenix’s Centre’s approach to therapy is to use directed, Zen based, Cognitive and Humanistic Therapy to work with the mind. We use Bodywork, Breathwork, and Chakra energy work to address the body. And we teach meditation, Qi Gong & other Eastern approaches to reach the depth of your spirit.

Reverend Dawn Sutton MSW, RSW

Sunrise Counselling – Online Therapy and Counselling

Therapy Rooms to Rent Manchester

Beautiful therapy rooms to rent in the heart if Manchester

Sanfrancisco Psychotherapy – Couples Therapy & EMDR Therapist - Psychotherapy and couples therapy is provided in Sanfrancisco by Mark Hirschfield MFT, Psychotherapist and EMDR therapist for adults, children, couples and families.

Andi Szasz – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Terrence Shulman JD, LMSW, ACSW, CAAC, CPC Founder/Director of The Sulman Center treating Shoplifting, Shopping Addictions, all types of Complusive theft & spending addictions.

Advanced Hypnosis - Rachael L Eccles – Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapist

Dr Bernell L Christensen – Maximum Potential II

Dr Kathryn J Leeman – Holistic Counseling Holistic Counselor, Transpersonal Psychologist, Biofeedback Specialist, Meditation Instructor

Paul the Counsellor – Individual and Couples Counsellor & Psychotherapist in Melbourne, Australia who specialises in relationship difficulties

Dr Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., LMHC – Enhanced Healing

The Healthy Sense Directory- Directory of organized health information

Personal Life Coaching Services – Make It Happen Coaching Personal Life Coaching for general, youth, women, career and executive at an affordable price. Find a Life Coach at Make It Happen Coaching.

Mandala Coloring Ebook

Phoenix Psychotherapy - Offering assistance resolving conflict and difficulty of all kinds. Specializing in problem gambling, substance abuse, addictions, maritial or relationship problems. I also offer organisationzal and business coaching, personal mediation, as well as communication/sales training to staff or individuals. Utilizing: Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral, Rational Emotive, & 12 Step therapies.

Health Directory - Your comprehensive health directory

Article - Net gains for Mental Health – Times Online

John Dennison - Lighting a path through the storm

Counselling, Public Speaking and General Counsel.


Bill Baren Coaching - Founder, Business Transformation Coach, Creativity Catalyst

Presentation Skills, Communication & Public Speaking - Learn to excel in your presentation skills, public speaking and communication skills from expert training from Skillstudio Limited in London and across the UK and Europe.

Single Parent Family Life - Family Life offers a variety of one day conferences for relationship and family building including Legacy Parenting, (held in churches or community centers), Single – Parenting, (small groups or churches), Real Marriage held in partnership with churches), and Next Level Marriage (hosted by businesses or staff and/or clients).

Zen Tactics - Practical Personal Development for Abuse Survivors Are you having trouble with anger, depression, self esteem, or relationship issues? find the practical personal development skills to help you deal with these problems and others caused by child abuse.

Life Coaching - Boost your self esteem, have great relationships, be the best parent you can be for your kids with the help of your Be Happy in LIFE life coach. Life Coaching is a tremendous personal growth experience, which will empower your life forever.

Hip Replacements - Guide to hip replacement surgery and details of specialist consultants.

Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling Online, Counseling Services, Couple Counseling Dr Max Vogt’s) marriage therapists, counseling, relationship counseling, couple therapy, family therapist, provides best marriage solutions.

Recovery Process News - The Recovery Process by Dr. Gregory Tucker takes the dreamer home to the fact that it is easier to be who we are than who we aren’t and can never be!

Vitality Massage - Excellent massage therapy in Asheville, NC

Addiction Treatment Resources

Pharmacy Search – Source for all your pharmacy needs.

Womens Self - dedicates research, effective up to date information in strengthening womens self – esteem, self confidence & self worth! Also please take the challenge and take our test! the self esteem test. Chat with women around the globe at D’s Bistro for Women, or the Forum. We also offer a Self Esteem Toolbar, Self Esteem Tips, Screensaver, Book Reviews, Quotes, Information on Self Esteem, Jealousy and Relationship Articles, Abuse and Survival, Women’s Health Alcoholism and much more & it is all FREE! come in introduce yourself & find the NEW YOU!

Teens N Parents Counseling & Grooming Center for Teenage Boys & Girls.

To develop healthy body and mind before TEENAGE completes, among your friends and family members for better understanding of teenage physical, emotional, reproductive, social changes

Dr Jyot’s Share and Care Teenage Center Pubert and Body Development, life Skills Learning, Career Guidance, Parenting of Teenagers.

Elizabeth Bennett - Theorist, Speaker, Author and Consultant

National Survivor Specialist - Free Magazine For Every Women. Articles for women of all ages and stages! Be informed of the latest movies, Celebrity Interviews & Music, plus Shopping, Fashion, Beauty. Mother, baby & Family Articles, Freebies & Fabulous Competitions, Business & Finance, Love & Relationships, Health, Travel, Advice, Plus join our Free VIP Club & virtual women’s community.

Corporate Chillout Team Building & Wellbeing Programs, Australia - Corporate Training & Team Building Programs designed to enhance the health & wellbeing of your staff. Choose from yoga, tai chi, meditation, drumming many more… all designed to lower stress levels & improve work life balance.

Cheshire Therapy Services - Psychotherapy Counselling in South Manchester and Liverpool. We can help you make the changes in your life by undertanding why your thoughts, feelings or behaviours may be preventing you from moving forward.

Child Abuse Effects - Identifies the four types of abuse, including signs, effects & statistics for each. Details the impacts on sexual abuse victims, profiles sex offenders, & provides a forum to write your own child abuse story.

Abuse Recovery Help Survival help for victims of molestation, rape, domestic violence, elder abuse, etc.

World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorder

Indian Astrology - Free asrological predictions, mantra remedies, readings, horoscopes, gemstone consultancy and match making.

Creativity in Education - Creativity is not unique to the arts. Creativity in education is equally important in mathematics, science, technnology, in business – indeed in all areas of life. Neither is creativity simply about letting go, after all creative achievements relies on knowledge, control of materials and command of ideas.

Health Supplements

Our aim is to help you achieve, maintain and prolong your health and wellbeing and as such we offer a wide selection of products and solutions ranging from beauty products such as anti ageing and skin care products, through to supplements, vitamins, and slimming wight loss aids.

Bikram Yoga Benefits

Learn about the unique benefits of Bikram Yoga and how you can energize your life with these yoga poses.

Natural Home Remedies for Depression

Depression is one of the most common emotional disorders. It may be manifested in many degrees, from feelings of slight sadness to utter misery and dejection.

Rollie McCarter Investigative Services

Sales Training

Sales Training, Presentation Skills Training, Negotiation Skills, and Telesales Skills Training Courses in London and the UK.

Sales Training

Sales training

Little Tricks to Ward Off Insomnia

You do not always need drugs and doctors to fight off insomnia

Robert Heard M.A, B.C.E.T.S - ACT Professional Counseling by Phone Board Certified Expert in Tramautic Stress, Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress CERT. Sexual Abuse Therapist CERT. Family Therapist CERT. Addictions Therapist

Angel Readings, Pet Psychic – Los Angeles, Orange County Profound angel – guided, psychic readings or animal communications offered by phone or in person with Denise Bennett.

Spiritual Healing eCourses and eBook

Arthritis Relief with nature’s treasure chest Information and articles on natural products that have been used to relieve arthritis symptoms.

Natural Male Enhancement with Herbal Maca

Have a natural male enhancement with herbal maca supplements. This all – natural herbal root nourishes human hormonal glands so that they work more efficiently.

Home Gym - One of the leading independent fitness equipment & gym equipment suppliers in the UK.

Personal Trainers London - Leading Celebrity Personal Trainer in London offers Personal Training for Fitness, Strength, Sports, Flexibility, Weight Loss, Weight Gain & more.

Life and Soul Guidance - Holistic and Spiritual guidance – For anyone who feels lost or unhappy and is not sure why – via email or private chat room.

Health Insurance

Find health insurance quickly and easily online. Save yout time and money – visit

Negotiation Skills

Our negotiation skills training gives you the confidence to enter into any negotiating arena and secure teh best possible outcome.

Massage Therapy - How to treat various diseases and illness with the help of massage therapy.

Balanced Diet - Your free guide to live a healthy life. Eating balanced diet and healthy foods can truly help you live a better life.

Eating Disorder Recovery Centre - The site for Eating Disorders Recovery.

Paul Boulton – Psychic Therapist

Professional Psychic based in Montville Sunshine Coast.

Everyday Health

Symptoms of Health Information, Resources, Tools and News Online.

Aloe Gel Drinks, Aloe Skin Care, Aloe Skin Care Products, Aloe Barbadensis Miller

Aloe benefit offers a searchable catalogue where you can buy Forever Aloe Vera products online. Forever Living Aloe Vera Animal & Home, Aloe Vera Drinks, Nutritional Supplements, Beehive Products, Aloe Vera Weight Management, Aloe Personal Care, Aloe Skincare, Sonya Skincare, Fleur De Jouvence, Specialist Aloe Skincare, Aloe Make-up & Aroma Spa Collection.

Medico Health Care - Medico Health Care Services became popular english-speakers referred to medicine or to the health sector and spoke of the treatment & prevention of illness and disease.

Contact Lenses - Find the contacts you need at a discount price from Just Lenses. Contact lenses for less straight to your door.

Natural Health and Skin Care Services

Natural Health and Skin Care Services are truly inventive idea in all World Skin and Health Care, also is a part of business and, like every business.

Public Speaking

Expert public speaking training, coaching and advice from Skillstudio in London and througour the UK and Europe.

Relationship Counseling - Find therapists in the US and Canada as well as resources for online counseling, phone counseling, relationship self-help programs, forums, and more.

Walnut Creek Couples Counselor

Marriage and couples counseling services in the Bay Area, serving San Ramon, Livermore, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and other nearby areas.

Manhattan Physical Therapist

For Chiropractors and physical therapists in New York City, visit Spine and Sports Medicine Clinic to treat back, knee and foot pain.

The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery

Dr Kimberly Young –

Marriage and Relationship Forums is a large supportive community that helps each other with marriage and relationship problems.

Magnesium oil - Magnesoothe brand magnesium oil uses pristine, highly concerntrated naturally occurring magnesium chloride from the dead sea.

Consulting Interview - Sample management consulting case interview questions and case interview guide books. Bringing you love, light and wisdom. is ever expanding, full of informative articles. Featuring a free newsletter full of practical advice on a range of topics.

Atlanta Liposuction - The expert source for Atlanta liposuction is Dr Marcia Byrd in Roswell in Georgia.


PsychCentral - Mental Health Resource Online

PsyBlog - Psychology Resource Online

BPS Research Digest Blog

Reports on latest Psychology Research

Psychology Today - Psychology Resource Guide

NASW Social Work Blog - Social Work Resource

ACA Counseling Blog - Counseling Resource Online

Mental Health Blog

The Health Care Blog –

Therapy Courses

Find Recommended Complementary Therapists or Therapy Courses. Get Free Quotes & Advice. Thousands of qualified acupuncturists & hypnotherapists are waiting to help you.


Amazon –

Borders –

Dymocks -

Accurate Psychic, Tarot & Angel Readings

Psychic readings, Tarot Readings, delivered by email in 24 hours. Powerful love spells &  magic spells that are tailor made to each client that deliver fast & powerful results.

Group Therapy For Depression

Matt Lundquist offers group therapy for depression

Medical Stools - 10-year veteran manufacturer of Medical Furniture hosts a range of blood drawing & reclining chairs, donor beds, examination tables, modular and mobile supply cabinets, supply cabinets, supply carts and mobile lounge.

Massage - Explore the massage therapy benefits for body, mind and soul.


Networked Blogs –

The Marriage Counseling Blog

The Counseling Courier

Psychotherapy & Counselling Arena

Blogtalkradio –

Counselling Resource –

Behavior Online Forums –

Mental Help Net Forums –

Psych Central – Psychotherapy and Mental Health Forums

Self Improvement  - Find proven and practical success tips, self improvement tips and personal development tips on the ultimate success guide.

Best Learning Disabilities Tutors

Improve study skills from one of the top tutors that specialize in learning disabilities including, dyslexia, ADD and ADHD. http://www.soundfeelings.com_learning_disabilities_tutors.htm

Bento Lunch Boxes, Best Lunch Containers, Eco- friendly Containers for School, Work - Pack lunchboxes fast. BPA-free, single-lid, 3-compartment, bento-style food containers, insulated coolers are easy, green – for adults & kids no leads.


MedicineNet – Health and Medical Information

National Library of Medicine –

Medscape -


Australian Medical Practitioner Directory

Australian Doctor –

WebMD -

Doctors Lounge –

eMedical -

Live Chat Online Doctor –

Online Diagnosis –

Medical Online –

Health Central –

Health Line –

Mayo Clinic –

Kids Health –

Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles- Lavie Privee has a qualified medical team for laser hair treatment and other spa services. This can reveal the beauty secrets best for your skin through skin rejuvenation, tightening and massages.

www.swimtownpools- Swimtown Pools carries all of teh spa accessories and pool supplies you need, at teh lowest prices anywhere.

Dallas Life Coach – Life Coaching Fort Worth – Executive Coaching - Personal Development Coaching

The Gardner Institute is a Coaching and Coach Training company based in Dallas – Forth Worth, Texas

Secret Garden Wedding Decorations

Specialising in Garden and Beach Wedding Ceremonies.

How to Stay Fit - Alternativehealthwellness is dedicated in providing valuable information relationg to health and fitness.

Distance Learning MBA - Karrox College of Technology (KCTM) offers various distance learning graduate and undergraduate programs for working professionals.

Abuse Survivors Recovery - Help for victims of child molestation, rape, incest, domestic violence, elder abuse etc

Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse – AMSOSA UK

Phentramin D – Phentramin-d is the strongest non prescription diet pill for weight loss you you can buy, period. Buy Phentramin-d, Phentramin 37.5, Phentramin diet pills & Phentramin alternatives online.

Life Insurance Quotes

Clinical Psychology Degree - Southhampton Solent University’s Clinical Psychology Degree covers all the major areas of psychology, but places an emphasis on clinical psychology.

CHILD SAFTEY, INTERNET SAFTEY, FAMILY WEBSITES - Helping the youth of today prepare for tomorrow. Providing parents, children and teens information on internet safety.


Political News –

New York Times –

Los Angeles Times -

CBS News –

News – UK –

BBC Blog Network –

News – Australia -

News – Australia –

Grapevine, Podiatrist, Podiatry, Foot Pain, Colleyville, Southlake, Texas - Our Physicians are all extensively trained and offer your family state of the art technology and training copled with good old fashioned common sense and compassion.

Southlake Plastic Surgery - Board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr Sacha Obaid, is a Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon.


Drug Information –

Drug Information Online –

Medication Blog –

Everyday Health Blog –

Modern Medicine Network

Cosmetology Courses

LTA – School of Beauty offers 6 months Diploma in Beauty Cosmetology. Be a certified Esthetician through LTA.

Counselor Magazine –

Health News, Wellness & Medical Information

Natural Health Therapies, Holistic Medicines

Mens Health Magazine –

Psychology Today –

Womens Health Magazine

Mens Online Magazine –

Social Work Today –

Mindfood –

Online Psychotherapy Magazine

Psychotherapy Networker Magazine

Body Mind Spirit Magazine –

Psychiatric News –


ResearchGate –

Scientific American News

Journal Resources –

Journals –

Journal of Counseling Psychology – PsycNET

Journals -

Online-Classes - Tired of your dead end job? Online Classes can give you the edge you need to get to the career you want

Louise Morganti Kaelin – Life Success Coach

Louise Morganti Kaelin provides coaching and resources, including free newsletter, to help you be your best self and live your life in wholeness. Get off the treadmill and get on the escalator up!


Beyond Blue –

Psych Central – –

Online Depression Research Studies

Depression Research Clinic –

Science Daily –

UCSF Depression Center


National Institutes of Health –

National Child Protection Clearinghouse

Child Abuse Research & Statistics

Sexual Abuse – Journal of Research and Treatment

NSPCC Research –

Abuse, Neglect and Violence

Child Abuse and Neglect –

Resource List – Child Abuse


National Institute of Mental Health  

The Centre for Eating and and Dieting Disorders

Eating Disorders –

Centre for Clinical Interventions

Resources –

Resources –

Research –

Research –

Eating Disorders Foundation

The Butterfly Foundation


Anxiety Treatment and Research Centre

Information and Resources

Journal of Anxiety Disorders

Resources –

Virtual Medical Centre


Trauma and Resilience Trauma Unit

Resources –

Bully Online –

Resources –

Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health

Medical Journal Articles


Australian Domestic and Family Violence


Journal Articles –

Family Matters –


Adoption Institute –

Adoption Library –

Post Adoption Resource Centre


National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drug Addiction Support

Australian Drug Information Network

Drug Information Clearinghouse


Bullying No Way –

Cyber Bullying –

National Centre Against Bullying

Cyberbullying Research Center

Child Psychology Research Blog

Resources for Kids –

Article – Long Term Effects of Bullying

Resources for Workplace –

Articles –


All Psych Journal –

Resources –

Resources –

Internet Addiction –

Articles –


Resources –

Articles –


Pregnancy –

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy Loss –

Articles –

Research –

Resource Centre –


Resources –

Raising Children Network

Resources –


Resources –

Articles – http://www.depression-guide/


Internet Mental Health

Mental Health Disorders

Resources –


Centre for Refugee Research

Refugee Research Centre

Migrant & Refugee Research

Refugee Research Network

Refugee Agency –

Refugee Council of Australia


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Resources –


Research Post Abortion Issues

Medical Abortion Research –

Research –

Resources –

Medication Abortion


Stress Management Research

Stress Research –

Research –

Stress Management Research

Centre for Stress Management

Stress Resources –

Resource Center


Resources –

Drug Guide –

Alcohol News –

Information Center

Resource Directory –

Resources –

Custom Made Web Applications

Get an edge over other competitors. Upgrade your simple website with a dynamic application to boost your sales. Reservation calender, shopping cart and content management systems.

Homeopathic Doctor in California

Sandra Kamiak, specialist in Homeopathy and Psychosynthesis.


Motivation Resources

Motivation Articles –


Research – http://www.csulb/edu

Research –

Resources –


Research –

Research –

Resources –

Resources –

Mental Health - BridgestoRecovery specializes in the treatment of mental health, anxiety depression, anxiety treatment, disorders anxiety, obsessive disorder, depression treatment.


Research –

Research –

Resources –

Articles –

Resources –

Drug Rehab Center –

Addiction Blog –


Research –

Addiction Forum –

Research Clearinghouse

Research –

Research –

Gambling Research Journal –


Resource Center –

Research Journal –

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Atlanta Liposuction - The expert source for Atlanta Liposuction is Dr. Marcia Byrd in Roswell, Georgia


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Jennifer Beevors Professional Counselling

Non – Judgmental supportive confidential conselling practice, phone and email counselling as well a face to face services arranged. Areas of issues: Sexual Abuse, Drugs, Alcohol, Domestic Violence, Grief & Loss, Relationship Issues.

A Path That Fits, Career Coaching & Life Coaching

A Path That Fits helps people find careers that they will love and be successful in. Our proven career coaching programs have helped hundreds of people successfully find the right career and get hired. Visit the website to get a free consultation.


Depression Treatment Center - PCH Treatment Center is located in Los Angeles, California. We offer advanced mental health treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, personality disorders, self-injury, and psychological trauma

Canadian Pharmacies Online

Federal Drugs is a Canadian Online Pharmacy specializing in generic drugs, discount prescription drugs, OTC medications, and other RX medications. Order online from our internet drug store.

Kidney Transplant India  - Kidney Transplant – Heal Wheel India – Kidney transplant is a surgery to replace a diseased or damaged kidney with a donor kidney.

Men’s Sexual Health - Understand the psychology, physiology and anatomy responsible for men’s sexual health issues. Information problems resources, male STDiseases awareness.

Travel Insurance Quotes - Travel insurance at seriously low prices. With Insurance Travel Quotes you can buy travel insurance direct rather than through travel agents at over inflated prices.

Marriage Counseling - Marriage counseling without marriage counselors, a revolutionary way to save your marriage.

New Properties in Peterborough - Linden Homes – a specialist regional house builder developing new homes in Peterborough.

Rent Serviced Apartments in Milan - Choove offer a wide selection of serviced apartments in Milan . Our apartments are fully furnished with all the details and are directly managed by our professional team.

Media Buying UK - Media Buying & Planning, including digital from Space & Time Media

Optimal Breathing Exercises - Optimal breathing exercises and techniques to aid stress management, anxiety, yoga, qigong, deep breathing, sleep, high blood pressure, singing, speaking, asthma, cross breathing, co-meditation, anger, road rage, and memory.

Criminal Solicitors

Wool Rugs - Leading wholesaler and retailer of a variety of the latest Rugs, Runners and Floor Coverings in the UK.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport Hotels 

Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport Hotels welcome you to an amazing tour of the lovely surroundings of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

Recording Studio - BKP Music is one of the leading Dubai Based Music, Audio & Video Production Company with over six state of the art Sound Studios established across the Middle East.

Digital Signage - ADI are one of the world’s leading names in LED screen technology. We offer some of the world’s most innovative solutions for permanent installation and hire, servicing some of the world’s leading brands and events.

Spy Equipment - State of the Art Spy Shop/Store with 3rd generation Spy Systems, Spy Equipment, Spy Devices, Spy Gadgets, Spy CCTV, Spy Phones, Night Vision, Body Armour and lots more at the lowest prices in the Uk and Online.

Online Radiology Programs

Natural Nail Polish - All natural nail polish that is free of chemicals, non-toxic and safe for children. Cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

Accounting Training – MBA Accociatie BKC

STIBEX – The examination office for administrative professionals|hét examenbureau voor administratieve professionals PDB BKB examen.

Jobs – binnenhuisarchitectuur vacature creative testing agency level,diplomats inform include Interior Designers Welkom bij examenbureau CreatiefNivo. CreatiefNivo diplomeert onder andere Interieurdesigners.

Businesses Child care center for sale Sydney 

Australian Businesses – Helping those who cares for children and child care centers in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra.

Criminal Justice Degree - Providing information and top listings on Criminal and Law Enforcement Degree.

Jobs & Education – Buitenland

Stage markt  is the joint website of all training companies of the 17 stage centers in Europe. It contains only officially recognized training companies, education and job placements (v) mbo stage.

Accountancy – Administratieve dienstverlening

Holland Accountant and Audit firm, Machiela & Partners Auditors – Advisers is the perfect doubles partner in business.

Debit Insurance – Advocaat – potential benefit to SMEs in the field of debt collection and legal services Advocaat | dus zo veel mogelijk voordeel aan MKB-ers op het gebied van incasso en juridische diensten.

College Study Abroad Programs Australia

Study Abroad Student is a website that provides basic information about studying abroad ( Australia and other parts of the world).

Online Veterinary Schools - Earn your vet tech degree and schools online and learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever is convenient for you.

Ibogaine - Advanced Ibogaine Treatment for Heroin, Alcohol, Meth, Cocaine & Oxycontin Drug Addiction.

Ibogaine Treatment

At Hacienda La Mision, the leading Ibogaine Treatment Clinic in Mexico, we provide advanced Ibogaine therapy specifically designed to heal the root causes of any addiction, while safely detoxifying the mind and body.

This is a free, confidential service that will provide those seeking support with all the information they need. Every nutritionist on the site who has submitted their profile has either sent a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover to us, or is registered with a professional body with recognised codes of ethics and practice, this way we can be assured of their professionalism.

Computer Repair - Remote Computer Repair By Zumtek Inc

Anxiety Resource -

Counselling- NaturalTherapyForAll is the best resource to find a therapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, acupuncturist, hypnotherapist or therapy course information.

VLCD - We supply the best quality and value VLCD Products with biggest choice of flavours and Free Comprehensive Post VLCD Support.

Keynote Speaker - Motivational Humorous Speaker, Motivational Speaker Humorous Speaker speaks across America! Doug Dvorak, Motivational Humorous Speaker, is ready to bring his talents to help your business. The best motivational humorous speaker with a twist.

Hair Loss Treatments 

Prevent hair loss and promote fast hair growth with our hair loss treatments. We have world famous hair growth supplements from Viviscal, Bosley, Therapro, Rusk, Agadir, Nioxin and all other major hair product brands.

Master of Science in Management online - Find  out about career in Master of Science in  Management
as well as find  your most effective online Master of Science in Management Schools.

Global Supply Chain Management - Understand about the Global Supply Chain Management definition, software program
and job opportunities.

Forensic Psychology Degree – Learn about profession in Forensic Psychology Degree and find your top
Forensic Psychology Degree applications online.


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